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Published on January 9th, 2014 | by Jazzmin


LACK »Extended Version«


Hi guys,

I had this idea for about 6 months: a smarter, cooler and more functional version of Ikea’s popular LACK sidetable. I didn’t find a version like this on Ikeahackers, but if there is someone who already did this before, SORRY, but it isn’t nicked. I wouldn’t post this if I would know it’s a copy.


I wanted to create a LACK sidetable, which you can extend to a bigger size, but if you are alone in your small apartment, push it together to a smaller size. Funny people just say “Take two tables” but, hey, space is expensive and it should look clever and unique!


You need:

2 LACK side tables
1 wood drill (size 5)

assembly adhesive

a saw (or jigsaw)

a pliers (to remove screws)


Take Lack#1 and dismantle one leg, undo the screw and keep it both (screw and leg separated). With a wood drill, extend the hole till the tapletop.


Take Lack#2 and dismantle every leg and screws and keep them. Take the screw of the first step, put it in one hole of the tabletop and link it via the free hole on top of Lack#1. If you want, you can use a “bumber” among the screw between the two tabletops to prevent scratches!


Now you have 5 legs left: 4 from Lack#2 and 1 of Lack#1. Take one leg and glue it on Lack#1 beside the original position to stabilize the main table. (you can’t screw it on another position as on the corners, because the tabletop is hollow!)


Take 2 legs and screw it on the outer sides of Lack#2. Now you will see, your legs are too short to touch the floor, got to step 5.


Take the other 2 legs and cut off a piece (the height of the tabletop which you need to adjust now!): ATTENTION: cut at the side of the screw hole (there are more sliver because of the screw!)

Now you have your parts to lengthen the two legs of Lack#2. Drill a hole in the middle of the legs and screw your cutted parts on.


I’m from Germany and I hope you understand my instruction :D and enjoy your new clever LACK.

In GER we pay 5 Euro for one Lack, so I think it’s the best way to get a cheap table that can change its size!

Ah, I think you can take furniture wheels as well, but I don’t know if you can find some, that fits with the height…

Liquorice Lack Table
From BILLY Bookcase to Rustic Floating Shelves

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4 Responses to LACK »Extended Version«

  1. Samantha says:

    Just when you’ve seen it all, somebody comes up with a Lack Hack that’s out of the box.

  2. k._.k says:

    I actually really like it. It allows for people to get different angles that still looks fluid. And way more visually interesting than just two old lacks together. Awesome job!

  3. phil says:

    Interesting. But you do not save any space, instead you loose flexibility and function. Two separate tables can easily but stacked and you can either leave them together to use one, or put them directly next to each other what gives two people the chance to sit on the long side. You would also be able to separate them and use them on two different spots in your apartment. Anyhow, creative approach.

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