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Published on January 20th, 2014 | by Taylor Kraus


Headboard with integrated lighting


Needed: 4 – Linnmon Table Tops 47 1/4″ x 23 5/8″; 4 – Lack Wall Shelves; 2: 8′ Lamp Cord Kits; 2: Porcelain Key-less Light Fixture; 2: CFL Bulbs (DUH); 2: Wood Veneer; 1: 36″ Dowel; 4 Strips of wood; 2: Power Strips; 2: Light Switches; 2: Wire Nuts; 1: Switch Cover to match; 1: 5′ 1×4; 2: 1/4″x3″x8″ strips of wood; 12: Straight Brackets; Lots of 1″ & 2″ screws; Gorilla Glue; Wood Glue (just in case of any mishaps); 1: White Crayon to mark location for holes; 1: Tube of White Acrylic Paint to Touch up any nicks in the top.

Build: Headboard: Attach 9 brackets evenly spaced on back of the 4 Table Tops to join them together, and 3 on front.

Stands: Decide on location. Pre-drill holes for each stand all the way through. Mount into 1 1×4 per stand to give support.


Light: Decide on light height and mark with Crayon. Gorilla Glue Small 1/4″x3x8″ strips to Front of headboard. Let dry. Mount 1″ screws in wood to accommodate Key-less lights. Pre-drill holes for wiring through. Wire lights through Headboard and attach Key-less lights and pull wire tight. Mount Small strips of wood on Veneer with Wood Glue. Let Dry. Determine angle to drill for dowels. Glue Dowels in place. Pre-drill holes for dowels to attach to Headboard in the 1/4″x3″x8″ wood already attached. Install bulb and then Veneer Cover.

Switches: Determine length of wire from Lights to switch and cut. Use remaining with plug to go from switch to power strip. Wire with Caution.

Power Strips: You can mount wherever you want, but my wife and I decided under the bed would be sufficient.

Good Luck! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Eitan J says:

    Can you post a pic of the finished look with the bed? Looks really nice and cool.

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