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Published on January 27th, 2014 | by Samantha Kennedy


Hacking a Pax wardrobe to fit a tight spot


I don’t have a great history of buying the correct sized IKEA wardrobes. In our last flat I bought them too tall. This time too wide.

The alcove on the left of our bedroom is frustratingly not the same size as the space on the right by about 10 centimetres. Rough measures which didn’t take into account the unevenness of the walls (still getting used to an old building) led to us finding out that the gap on the left was about two centimetres too narrow for the 100 centimetre wide wardrobe.

We only realised this once we had all the packaging opened and pieces ready to assemble in the room. I know, I should have learnt my lesson last time.

But having spent a lot of time browsing IKEA Hackers we weren’t going to be beaten by a measly two centimetres!

After a lot of manoeuvring, removing a Victorian skirting board and many re-measuring attempts we stumbled on a solution. By placing the sides of the wardrobe on top of the base instead of either side of it we saved the two centimetres. We did the same at the top, placing the top on top of the sides rather than between them.

This just left the issue of the doors – 50 centimetres wide each.

This is the part of our solution I’m most proud of. Look back at the before/ after pic – doors look normal right? Two 50 centimetre doors with metal handles? Wrong. Here’s the inside of the doors on our hacked wardrobe…



More info available on my blog.

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6 Responses to Hacking a Pax wardrobe to fit a tight spot

  1. Oksanna says:

    The old white ones stuck out much further than the protruding middle section of wall, right? So you saved a bunch of room right there. And you joined the two doors on the window-side wardrobe to make one big opening door to cover the now reduced width of the PAX frame? Well done.

  2. The internal parts of the old wardrobes really didn’t work for us at all, we’d used PAX in our last place and really liked them. As I said above the old built-in wardrobes took up far too much room. Once the room is decorated I’m hoping it will all work much better. Clearly including the photo I’d taken of the before/after wardrobes wasn’t a good idea!

    By using the alcoves with well appointed PAX wardrobes there’s no much more space in the room than the old ones which came out too far.

  3. Jerrold says:

    I’m really confused by this. Why didn’t you just paint or build new doors for the old built-in wardrobes? Everything looks like it fits a lot better than the new stuff.

  4. A better title for the ‘after’ would probably be ‘not done yet’ – still lots of decorating to do! The before pic is an estate agent one so well edited, the wardrobes were awful in real life – bad proportions, lined with wood chip and took up too much room

  5. dianejwright says:

    Maybe they just put the wrong titles on the photos.

  6. R4PUN2EL says:

    Is it cruel to say, I liked it better before? :D (But crafty job on the doors you did there! :)

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