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Published on January 10th, 2014 | by Rellie


Bunny Cage with Faktum cabinets

Hi there!

I’m from the Netherlands and this is my IKEA hack for making a bunny cage. This hack is based on only IKEA stuff. You can also use material that you may have at home. The products I already had: the desk, two shelfs, the hinge, the grade and the carpet.


You Need:

a. FAKTUM Base cabinet for hob, white,
Article Number: 702.098.50, size: 60×70, price: € 30,-

b. FAKTUM Base cabinet frame, white,
Article Number: 241.787.10, size: 40×70, price: € 16,-

c. HÄRLIG Door, white,
Article Number: 701.295.18, size: 40×70, price: € 6,-

d. INTEGRAL Hinge,
Article Number: 701.323.75, price: € 5,-

e. LINNMON/ ADILS table, white,
Article Number: 299.321.81, price: € 17,95 (only the tabletop)

f. PAX Shelf, white,
Article Number: 302.151.22, size: 50×58, price: € 12,-
(one piece you have to saw for the other cabinet number. b)

g. Choose some grate you want to use.

h. Choose a bottom for your cage. My bunny likes carpet but maybe your bunny likes to eat it…

To do:

1. Saw a square in the two shelves which are placed against each other. Think about the height of the square when you want a shelf for storage in the right cabinet (see the pictures below). When you saw the square, think about leaving some wood below. Otherwise you see the ground between your cabinets (see the third picture).

foto 255778



2. Use the IKEA manual and put the cabinets together.

3. Lay down the table at the cabinets.

4. Finish your cage with your chosen grate and bottom.

Have fun with it!

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The Author

11 Responses to Bunny Cage with Faktum cabinets

  1. anonymous says:

    if the owner gives his rabbit sufficent floor/ free range time daily this is a fine cage. wide enough for the rabbit to lie stretched out twice with a second floor to simulate the muscles in his legs. nice hutch will try this!

  2. LazyMia says:

    WOW, there are some TRUE bitches responding here… This cage is much bigger then many premade cages, and nowhere does the author say that the rabbit is keept in the cage at all times. The part about multible rabbits together, is also not completely accurate, since they actualy risk fighting if they aren’t neutered. A rabbit can also easily drink from a watersupply as is in the pictures. If you provide plenty of greens for them, their need for water is also very low.

  3. princess says:

    I cant say I’m surprised at the viciousness of all the commenters above, rude people are easy to find on the internet unfortunately! Whereas it would be poor for the rabbit to live in for long periods of time, I think this article is a great solution to those overpriced premade rabbit cages that are MUCH smaller than this.

    Saying such hurtful things like ‘they should have their bunny taken from them’ is just thoughtless. You’re all pathetic and don’t care about a rabbits health and needs, you obviously just get your kicks from bullying someones hard work :-)

  4. Veronica says:

    People like you should not have rabbits. This is NOT a suitable rabbit home, and this post should be removed (together with the poor animal…)

    You can make this a hamster cage. Then it’s the proper size.

  5. IDK says:

    I second everything that’s been said above. this set up is plain cruel. it doesn’t meet even just the most basic recommendations for size, nor is it in any way species appropriate (no appropriate bedding, room for only one rabbit etc). please read up on how to properly care for your bunny. even with some “hopping about” time this is just cruel and I’m sure you do not want to be horrible to your bunny. everyone else, please do not build this for any creature larger than a hamster.

  6. Ninni Nahm says:

    This post should be removed, as it suggests, that rabbits can be kept in such a small cage alone and with dry food. This poor rabbit should be taken away from this person! Also, you cannot have the rabbit with this kind of water supply, they need a pot to properly drink out of!

  7. Jung says:

    I think your rabbit will chew on the unfinished edges rather quickly.
    Rabbits and hamsters got nothing to do other than griding their tooth all day long.

  8. Archibald Tuttle says:

    The three previous commenters already said it: It’s way too small and it’s not the right surface for the bunny to be on permanently (use animal bedding). In our country it’s not even allowed to have just one bunny, at least two have to be together. However, the bunny owner is want to make it right for his bunny but it’s not enough.

  9. Kristin says:

    Hi! I just wanted to mention to any readers that if you use this kind of set up, your bunny should get plenty of out-of-cage time since it’s pretty small! Also, it’s not ideal unless your rabbit is fully litter trained since if they have any “accidents,” the unfinished edges will absorb urine and odors!

    Otherwise, this is a pretty cool set up!

  10. Kat says:

    While having a pleasing aesthetic for humans, this enclosure really doesn’t look big enough for a rabbit. The minimum recommended size for a hutch is 6′ (180cm). Also where is the rabbit’s hay? Hay should comprise the majority of a rabbit’s diet. If any of this is a surprise to you, I suggest you consult the House Rabbit Society website – http://www.rabbit.org

  11. Y. Stonebanks says:

    I hope this poor bunny is not kept in this cage 24/7. It has no space to move around…..it is so cruel for the poor creature.

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