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Published on December 24th, 2013 | by Mary Posthumus


Tertial Lamp uplighter

lamp heellamp swart blokje   lamp dichtbij

A new take on the Tertial work lamp. Fastened to a metal rod, which is then hung from the ceiling.

IKEA Butchers Block Undercounter Lighting

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4 Responses to Tertial Lamp uplighter

  1. jo kuhl says:

    much better orientation. I was going to say “look where the power outlets are; by the ceiling!”

  2. Jules Jules says:

    Oops. I’ll fix that

  3. Paulo says:

    Jules, I think the photos are upside down.
    Don’t need even publish this comment.

  4. debra says:

    I think these photos are printed upside-down. (Look at the picture on the wall in the third photo, and the plant on the table).

    If I’m correct, the pole is attached to a soffit on the ceiling, and the lamps face downward.

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