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Published on December 17th, 2013 | by Arianna & Giampaolo (Sweden)


Space-saving Christmas Tree


It’s Christmas time: how nice it would be to have one of those huge trees weighed down with lights and decorations… but living in a small space it might be hard to place a full-size spruce… unless…
Here is our formula to build a large Christmas tree which can fit almost any place.

• LIAMARIA wall decoration (is a big piece of fabric printed with a spruce)
• needle and thick thread
• a string of Christmas lights
• Christmas bulbs
• paperclips

Materials Back side Day

1. Starting from the reverse side, run the thread through the fabric with the needle. Move ½ cm sideways and pass the thread through the fabric again, leaving it a bit loose. In this way, you will create a small ring, which you can easily fasten with a knot on the back side of the fabric. Create as many rings as the number of lights in the string.
2. Pass the lights through the rings to anchor them.
3. With the same procedure, create small stitches and fasten them with a knot on the reverse of the fabric.
4. Attach the paperclips to the Christmas bulbs and secure every clip to a stitch.
5. Hang the fabric to the wall (we used a curtain rod and a wire), plug the light and enjoy your Christmas tree.

…and after the holidays it can be folded to fit a drawer!

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2 Responses to Space-saving Christmas Tree

  1. Jenny says:

    Fantastic. Great idea.

  2. metai says:

    Two words: Safety pins.

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