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Sink, counter top and shelving for a boat

We are doing a major rebuild and remodeling of a tuck boat for 1939. All measurements are odd and all angles are off.
In the kitchen we had to replace the wall behind the sink and the counter top which had a sink built in. The height was way too low so we had to get a new thick counter top and a sink standing on top of it. We used an old table for the counter top. I can not remember model name but it has been in the family for a long time. It was made of pine which i stained teak and finished of with 5 layers of ships lacquer.

The sink was made from a Blanda bowl that was heading for the dump as it kept falling over on the table. Keep in mind that boats move. We simply drilled a hole in it and mounted it with a pop up drain.

The shelving is the Bekväm spice rack because it still leaves enough space to stand and work there.

2013-12-16 12.21.45 IMG_7068

More of  this project and the boat building in which we use a lot of Ikea can be seen here (link no longer available)

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