Hacks mounted LACK shelf with dock

Published on December 3rd, 2013 | by crissbe


LACK charging dock-shelf for iPhone

mounted LACK shelf with dock

Materials: Lack wall shelf white, third party iPhone dock

The Story:

After a few weeks in our new flat  small things become more  important. The position of the bed was fixed and I mounted two LACK shelves close to our bed for lamps or books and an alarm bell…

Me and my wife  both have an iPhone (4S/5C) and using them as alarm clock. I was bored about recharging the Iphone every evening before going to bed or connecting the powercord to the plugs behind the bed.

After a few days I had the idea to combine a LACK shelf with a cheap standard third party iPhone docking.

Getting started:

I bought a dock and after the arrival  I start to combine the two into the alarm clock shelf…

This is the iPhone dock I bought:


I startet to make a hole into the LACK shelf with a noun. The form is like the dock with 1mm more (this is needed for mounting with cable)


After that I removed  the paperboard inside the Shelf, then drilled a hole from the back into the shelf for cabling:


Don’t forget to do a small notch for the cable to come out when the shelf is fixed to the wall!


Next step is to mount a brick into the hole to have the dock in the right height. I choose cork to have  flexibility when putting the iPhone on the dock. I use silicone for mounting:


Then get the cable to the dock and put some tape around the cut-out to avoid having silicone all around the shelf


Make a very small silicone line around the edges of the cut-out and on the cork brick and mount the dock (note I mount the dock 2mm higher than the shelf to get a clean silicone line)


Testing the function and mounting the shelf back on the wall:

Ready – It cost me around 45 min to do the hack.

Cheers Christoph


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5 Responses to LACK charging dock-shelf for iPhone

  1. SD-Cr8 says:

    Yeh I like this. Nice clean look to it. Great stuff.

    Maybe I’m going crazy but this post appeared upside-down on the home page.

    • Yes, SC-Cr8, the thumbnail does appear upside down on the homepage and I have no idea why. :(

      • SD-Cr8 says:

        I wonder if uploaded upside-down it might work. Not sure how images are run through and whether editable in the process. Interesting, I had a simple print job (at work) ‘flipping’, was reading text ‘sdrawkcab’ lol. These things happen.

        No probs, it could give more ideas!

  2. lterreiro says:


    Very simple concept.

    Good build.

    Nice hack.

  3. Chris says:

    Hi in the article you mention using a noun tool? What is this tool?

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