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Published on December 24th, 2013 | by Faraday


IKEA Butchers Block Undercounter Lighting




I took an IKEA white LED strip kit and fitted it to the underside of an IKEA butchers block. It was converted to run on 10 rechargeable AA batteries instead of mains so there are no unsightly wires and means the block can be moved around easily. The switch was also re-used and fitted under the counter.

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5 Responses to IKEA Butchers Block Undercounter Lighting

  1. alex says:

    Where is the cart that the butchers block sits on from? Or what is it called?

  2. faraday says:

    Sorry, I should add that I use the battery pack which has a 9V style clip. This then connects to another 9V clip which is wired to the switch in series. This means I can easily unclip the battery pack to access the batteries to remove and recharge them.

  3. faraday says:

    It’s very simple – because the transformer outputs 12VDC to feed the LEDs, cut off the transformer and connect to a battery pack that can hold 10 AA batteries in a serial circuit. I use rechargeables which output about 1.2V each = 12V in total. You can get these from Tandy’s (Radio Shack) etc. Everything else is standard – I even left the LED wiring as is (it is wound in the centre) to keep things simple.

  4. Rickson says:

    How did you do the conversion from main powering to battery-powering?

  5. Fabian says:

    Hahah I love the concept of the website. Genius! Thanks for making this.

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