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Published on December 17th, 2013 | by Ash


Expedit Desk setup

2013-12-10 14.22.25

After gaining inspiration from the many Expedit hacks already on the site I thought I would give it a go myself. I wanted a decent size L shape desk with storage for my spare room. After looking at many different styles in the store I decided on Expedit and went with:

1 – 2×2 Expedit (black brown)
1 – 4×2 Expedit (black brown
1 – Expedit Desk add on (black brown)
1 – Signum cable tidy

I then picked up from my local hardware store:

L brackets
Flat brackets

I laid down the 4×2 on its side, then sandwiched the desk top piece with the 2×2 unit. Using the L brackets, flat brackets and some decent size self tap screws fixed it all together.

I made a larger shelf by removing one of the small pieces to make room for my printer, then used the leftovers to raise my main pc monitor up to match my TV.

2013-12-10 14.26.48
2013-12-10 14.40.45

My favorite part though has to be the SIGNUM cable management, so clean and neat for only £10 its a must for any desk!

I have so much desk space leftover so may add a third screen in the near future. I may also add in a couple of the drawer units that slot into the boxes as right now i just have the fabric storage bins.

All in all a fairly straightforward hack but I’m very pleased with it and will definitely be doing more things like this in future!

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12 Responses to Expedit Desk setup

  1. Jack says:

    Hi, great idea, I did the same thing this weekend :)
    You just need a bracket and flat brackets, on top of the mentionned Ikea parts.

    For assembly purposes, just start by fixing the brackets on the expedit 4×2 (if you are not sure for the regular bracket position, only fix the flat ones first). Then drop the desk part, hold it still (preferably with help) and fix the other half. Eventually add the regular bracket.

    And btw, Expedit has been replaced by Kallax series, so the 2×2 part was slightly smaller thant the desk (2cm in depth for sure, and missing maybe 1cm in height, but that’s maybe just my floor that is not even).

  2. Mar says:

    Hi, I’m currently working on making this (awesome design! It’s a perfect student desk!). I was wondering how you assembled it. Did you build it upside down and then flip it? It seems like it’ll be incredible heavy, so I was wondering how that worked. Thanks!!

  3. Shilo Watts says:

    I have fun doing this with my little boys. They are so cute doing construction projects in their underwears.

  4. Sam says:

    Hey everyone! I’m new to this site and I am truely interested in doing something like this for my own room, are there any instructions on how to do this? Or do I just buy the materials and do it myself?
    Thanks :)

  5. Robin says:

    awesome idea!

    Today I bought the exact same setup. But I will use the desks leg.
    Are these 2 flat brackets and the one L bracket the only support on each side? Or have you maniuplated the original mount, so that it would rest on top of the 4×2?
    I am wondering if it may be a little weak if it’s just drilled into the big sides

    • Ben says:

      Hi Robin,
      Was just checking with you if you were able to get this fixed. We got the Kallax shelving unit 2×4, and the Expedit desk yesterday. As we tried to assemble it today, we found out that the bracket that comes with the Expedit desk does not fit the wall of the Kallax storage when we lay the storage down horizontally.
      Our space was perfect for the Expedit desk and the Kallax storage (placed horizontally). We really do not want to return it, so we were looking or hacks. Any help/ideas on the mounting of both together is greatly appreciated.

      • LeeAnn says:

        I am wanting to do something very similar to Ben. With the new Kallax set up though, the linmon hardware will not allow the table top to connect to the Kallax outer frame as it is too thick. Any ideas?

  6. Ash says:

    At the moment i have a laptop thats hooked up to the monitors and its tucked away on one of the shelves underneath so you cant see it, will be looking at a new desktop pc in 2014 though.

  7. Kendra says:

    This looks really awesome, I keep coming back and looking at it. For $200 for a sturdy looking desk like this I don’t think you can go wrong. Where do you keep your computer tower?

  8. Ash says:

    Hi, yes it was the expedit desk in black brown i just didnt use the leg/support side.

  9. Dave says:

    Is this the desk add on you used ? Expedit Desk Black-Brown

    I like this design nice job !

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