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Published on December 9th, 2013 | by Johan Gustafsson


Expedit bar table


I wanted a bar / small dining room table in my livingroom. Since I’ve been using a lot of Expedit and Linnmon stuff in the rest of my apartment I decided to keep on using those.
Stuff you’ll need:
Expedit “2×4″
Linnmon 120cm x 60cm
Glasholm 148cm x 73cm
Capita legs 8cm (2 pack, 8legs total)
Glue (needs to glue metal and plastc together)
(Additional: metalpipe and casters made for hanging metalpipe in wardrobe)

1: Put the Expedit together and place it on the floor (the “backside” facing up”) make sure the shelf is square and lay the glasholm on top… make sure its centered and screw it tight to the shelf with screws (i found screws for made for metal roofing with big metal washers coated with rubber) I used 8 on the longer side and 4 on the shorter sides.
2: Attach the legs on the bottom side (I only used 4, one in each corner… maybe it’s good to attach another pair in the middle if the shelf is going to contain a lot of heavy stuff) make sure to be at least 2 to lift the shelf up and place it on its feet (since you have to lift it up so you don’t brake the legs)
3: Measure where the tabletop is going to be placed. Since the Linmon is 60cm wide and the Expedit is 39cm wide I wanted it to be placed so equal amount of the tabletop is placed on side of the shelf (see picture). Screw legs on bottom of tabletop… one of the Capita legs need to be secured to the shelf (see picture). So take out the black plastic part at the bottom of the leg, glue and screw to the shelf then add glue and press together with the legs attached to the tabletop (the other 3 legs I only used double sided tape to secure)

I found metalpipe and casters to hang those in the roof of a wardrobe at my hardwarestore… used these to create a place to have feets on when sitting down.

Besta depth adapted (with updates on ventilation)

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5 Responses to Expedit bar table

  1. Joseph says:

    Hey Can you explain the Glassholm attatchment a little more detailed

  2. Johan gustafsson says:

    ok jules, maybe i forgot to resize them or something… had some problem posting another hack and didnt resize the pictures properly… thanks for a nice site!

  3. Johan gustafsson says:

    thanks daniel. i did send 4 images but they didnt post all(dont know why?) theres more pics in my fb album

  4. Daniel says:

    Great Jo. Do you have more pics? maybe from the side. Thanks

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