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Published on December 26th, 2013 | by Jules Yap


Craft Bygel


Materials: Bygel Rail, S hooks, Bygel wire basket, Bygel buckets

Description: I was looking for a good way to organize my ribbon and other craft items I needed close at hand over top of my desk. After some Pintrest-ing, I found a great use for the Bygel rail kitchen system – I’ve found it to be very effective in keeping things organized and “put away”, but still accessible when I need it.

I used two of the Bygel rails – one 55cm once and one 100 cm one. I attached them to the wall where I wanted them over my desk. I then attached the wire baskets to them as directed and placed all of my ribbon spools in them. I used to S-hooks for hanging items such as scissors and a paint can opener. The Bygel bucket keep things like writing utensils and paint brushed close at hand. Even some paper punches slide into the top of the rail and I have seen them used exclusively as storage for punches as well.

A simple hack – but incredibly useful in my opinion.

Happy Crafting with your newly organized space!

~ Erin Mac, Ontario, Canada

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0 Responses to Craft Bygel

  1. Cecilia says:

    I use “Bygel” under my kitchencabinets to dry my dishes. Its so smart because I can have all the space on the benches free for making food :) )

  2. Majeral says:

    Oh boy I wish I had seen this before I spent $$$$$ on mine . and it does not look half as a good as yours.

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