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Published on December 19th, 2013 | by Mazinga


Christmas Nativity with 2 RIBBA FRAMES and 3,5 cm statues


You need: 2 RIBBA FRAMES (400.783.32), cutter, polystyrene, battery powered LED lights, sawdust, gypsum plaster, acrylic colors, brush, sky pictures (search and download from internet), hinges, locks

01. remove glass from one Ribba frame and a back panel from the other one.


02. cut 2 pieces for making different mountains but with a central place of the same height


03. use 3cm and 2cm depth polystyrene and battery powered LED lights


04. fix LED lights chain


05 build a stable and print the sky with a comet (search it on the web) on a professional Kodak paper


06. mix sawdust and gypsum plaster in 9:1 ratio (almost) and put the sawdust and gypsum plaster on the mountains and on the stable


07. check if all the nativity statues are o.k. on the base


08. colour the base with brown acrylic color diluted with water in 1:20 ratio


09: cut a plastic piece to realize the back of the stable


10. use 4-5 different browns, white, 2 different yellow and dark green


11-12: cut the pack panel and the sky kodak paper for switching the lights from the back side of the frame

11 12

13-14: fit hinges and locks

13 14

15-16:… et voilà…

15 16


Gerardo P.
Foggia, Italy

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The Author

3 Responses to Christmas Nativity with 2 RIBBA FRAMES and 3,5 cm statues

  1. Danilo says:

    So cool ! (in English i mean ;-) )
    Italian Presepe reloaded, with artistic touch. Outside Italy maybe cannot completely understand the Italian tradition of Presepe from San Francesco…
    Really wonderful, Grande!

  2. I really like your creativity. Brilliant idea, ;-) . If only I had known earlier, this would have made a perfect Christmas gift for the Kids to put together and give to their grandparents.

    So long,

  3. Theredone51 says:

    Beautiful! Too bad I’m more “artistically challenged” than you :D

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