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Published on December 16th, 2013 | by Mazinga


Benno DVD bathroom divider

Today I took an idea from “Benno dvd tower headboard and room divider” and realized a divider between bath and bidet transforming the Benno DVD into a flowerpot and a cabinet for bidet towels.

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I bought at a DIY store some wooden planks and a 4mm MDF back panel.

Gerardo P.
Foggia, Italy

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The Author

2 Responses to Benno DVD bathroom divider

  1. Mazinga says:

    I don’t think… because flowers are artificial… they don’t need water to grow! :-)
    I’ve to be careful only when I take a bath.

  2. den says:

    It will be destroyed within a year by water. I would apply water resistant paint.

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