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Published on November 21st, 2013 | by Rich Bonfocchi


Year Calendar


Materials: STRÖMBY (frame 70×100 cm), MÅLA (markers and eraser)

Description: I made a year calendar that allows you to view and organize the entire year.
- Draw the grid in the back of the paper that comes with the frame;
- Print the days and month names and glue them to the frame;
- Reassemble the frame (keeping the paper behind the glass);
- Draw the weekends on top of the glass as showed in the picture;
- Write unchangeable events like birthdays with permanent marker (optional);
- Write all other events with “MÅLA” markers.
- Enjoy!

Full details here.


- Rich

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7 Responses to Year Calendar

  1. Bieslook says:

    Just a thought, since this is what I’m going to do: if you put some kind of metal plate behind the paper, it’ll serve as a magnetic board. That way, you can stick important stuff like concert tickets and invitations to it as well. And the markers and eraser themselves!

  2. SD-Cr8 says:

    Wow, serious organisation, nice.

  3. Pancakes says:

    Stromby products are no longer available at IKEA, will any white board do?

  4. SweetBeige says:

    Just a thought … If you put days of the week across the top instead of numbers then the weekdays will all line up nicely. Put the numbers in each day’s square. You could draw in the weekends on the paper as well as they won’t change.

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