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Published on November 22nd, 2013 | by lcozzetti


TV fits in Besta

Materials: BESTA

Description: I wanted to fit my TV into the Besta cabinet but the Besta has a divider in the middle of it.

tv fits in besta

I sawed the divider in half (before installing, of course) so the cabinet is still stable – the top of the unit won’t sag over time.

middle piece modified

To hold the TV  in place, I repurposed some of the left over hardware.  The TV sits between this screw and this shelf bracket.

portland 2013 134 portland 2013 133

Oh look, you can see where I misdrilled a hole..

portland 2013 135

In the photo below, you can see the metal parts hold the TV in position – there are metal parts on the underside of the top shelf too (they are harder to see).  I used the screws behind the tv and the shelf brackets in front of the tv.  The shelf brackets are easy to pull in and out if I need to get TV out.  They also look better than the screws.

besta and tv


NOT another Blanda Blank lamp!
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4 Responses to TV fits in Besta

  1. Su Su says:

    Thanks for sharing lcozzetti, this is the Besta hack I was looking for.

  2. lcozzetti lcozzetti says:

    It’s been over a year and there hasn’t been an issue.The tv lives in a cool city, Portland, OR and doesn’t get turned on that much.

  3. Max Headroom says:

    just drill some holes at the backside of the cabinet and put a 120mm fan & psu there.
    i use a spare USB from tv to feed a big 220x fan from a old comptuer case im my cabinet.
    The fan should suck out hot air, so let at least 10mm between the wall behind and the cabinet.

  4. StevoTheDevo says:

    Sorry man, while it looks OK visually, this is not a clever thing to do.
    Your TV needs some space above it for the hot air to escape.
    This setup will cook your TV and you’ll find it has a significantly shorter lifespan as a result.

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