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Published on November 15th, 2013 | by Miriam Hansen


Headboard made from Benno DVD tower


Materials: BENNO DVD tower

Description: My bedroom is so small there is only 45 cm free space surrounding the three sides of the bed. Mounting the Benno DVD tower as a headboard behind the bed provided me with some much needed space for lights, alarm clock, books etc.

First I cut off the base of the tower with a saw to make both ends match.
Next I drilled 6 holes in the back of the unit. The holes are needed for the hooks that holds the tower on the wall.

The hooks fit perfectly in the already existing holes that were originally designed to hold the shelves.

HeadB5 HeadB4 HeadB3 HeadB2

Finally I mounted two Ledberg LED light strips underneath the unit and hung a Fabrina Bedspread on the wall behind the bed.

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4 Responses to Headboard made from Benno DVD tower

  1. Brook says:

    What sort of hooks did you use?

    My bedroom is pretty small, so I was thinking about doing this.

  2. SD-Cr8 says:

    Yeh sweet. You’ve got lighting too, or how about a couple of Jansjos (clip-on ones)?

    Everything dandy tho’.

  3. Anna says:

    This looks great. Please ensure that the structure of Benno is designed so that it won’t come apart in a horizontal position when mounted from the backpanel or the upper side only. There should be at least screws to join the lower shelf to the ends and the upper shelf, if you are putting any weight on the lower shelf.

  4. Cipollina says:

    great idea!
    thanks for sharing

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