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Published on November 20th, 2013 | by Katie


Hackers help: Small person needs big help with Skruvsta lounge chair



As the title says, I am having troubles with my Skruvsta lounge chair.
The maximum seating height just isn’t enough.
So I really need some ideas how to raise it about 5-7cm, because a second pillow isn’t really a comfy all time-solution for me…

I’d really appreciate your support and your ideas! Thank you very much in advance!

Applaro window bench
Golden Legs

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4 Responses to Hackers help: Small person needs big help with Skruvsta lounge chair

  1. Maintenance guy says:

    The wheels are a great idea.
    As most of the office chairs I throw away, build or simply replace the wheels, I haven’t come across wheels stems that ate threaded, they are put together via compression fitting with a brass locking washer and stem.
    For a quick fix I would recommend hard wood (oak) feet depending on the environment, this way you can be accurate with your height spec.
    Wood is easy to work with and cheap, remember you have to buy 5 wheels. I found good non marking wheels at menards but they are 6 + bucks a piece, they are about the same size height wise but the stem is perfectly matched in size and these wheels are much harder to break then the stock plastic one, imoho.

  2. dmfarley says:

    I also agree with focusing on the wheel part. Any extension in the single post “stalk” under the seat may make the chair more unstable. No one likes a wobbly chair! Better to add height to the multiple feet.

    Even if you can’t find larger diameter wheels that fit in there (but I bet you can) you could also just get threaded rods that you can add to the thread of the wheels and bump it up a few inches.

  3. Jenny says:

    Buy taller wheels. The wheels should pop out with a bit of effort, I replaced the wheels on our office chairs, they were designed for carpet and would have torn up the laminate.

  4. Brant says:

    Since the air cylinders used in chairs are pretty similar in size, I wonder if you could use a component from another Ikea chair to make the chair taller/more adjustable? You’d probably want to spray paint it silver/gray for a nice complete look. The ALRIK or JULES office chairs look like they might do the trick!

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