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Published on November 22nd, 2013 | by lcozzetti


Bench from $15 shelf unit

We couldn’t find a modern outdoor bench for the patio so we built one from a Hyllis shelf.

Modern outdoor benchHyllis shelf $14.99


I assembled shelf as normal with one exception, I moved last shelf down to very bottom of stays.  Had to drill new holes.

Then added plywood on all sides.

Foam on top of plywood.

Besta legs.

Sewed fabric and stapled to bottom plywood.


Shelf 15
Lumber 30
Foam 20 on sale
Fabric  can’t remember
Legs 20

In case you want measurements (in inches)


top and bottom: 55 7/8 by 24 3/8

ends: 10 5/8 by 23 5/8

sides: 55 7/8 by 10 5/8


top: 56 x 24 3/4  x 3  bought a larger piece and trimmed using a hand saw – to get a smooth cut, it’s best to score first, and then make 1 inch deep cuts three times instead of trying to cut through all 3 inches at once

Lack Leg Switch, Taller Lack Tv Stand
The Unrecognizable Rast

The Author


2 Responses to Bench from $15 shelf unit

  1. Goldberry Long says:

    I’d love to see more pictures of the finished bench! That little glimpse doesn’t give me the full idea. (Please?)

  2. Sd-Cr8 says:

    Oooo, nice pad. Nice job! I know it’s not but it looks like one where the lamp is too.

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