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Published on November 18th, 2013 | by Tom K



Ikea 2

Materials: Variera

Description: Variera shelf unit made into a light cover. This is used to cover an existing pull-chain porcelain socket fixture. Assembled one Variera unit completely. Cut the perforated shelf of another Variera unit in half (I used tin snips.) Folded cut end of each side panel approx 1/4″, as needed, so that cut half would fit snuggly within “legs” of fully assembled unit. I put cut end in a vice and whacked it to a right angle with a rubber mallet. Nipped front corner of sides as needed to fit. No mechanical fastening needed to fit sides to “legs” as friction held it snugly in place. Tested that bulb could be removed with unit loosely in location over existing light fixture. Glued single sheet of drafting vellum to inside face of all sides to soften light filtering through holes. Very light dabs of Elmer’s glue every 1″ on back of plates worked fine. Made sure bulb was not too close to vellum paper to be a safety hazard. Screwed unit to wall through existing screw holes on bottom of legs. Voila!

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2 Responses to Architect

  1. Ashlee says:

    Great idea…currently planning how I am going to use this myself somehow…even though I have a stack of lampshades in my office as I seem to be obsessed with collecting them and not enough lights haha!.
    –Ashlee from http://www.InteriorDesign4U.com.au

  2. Bob says:

    Looks good. Did you paint this? You don’t mention painting but in the fist photo especially it looks grey rather than white, which as fat as know is the only colour the variera comes in.

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