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Published on November 20th, 2013 | by Matt Sisto


Applaro window bench


We don’t have a ton of closets in our house and I didn’t like having jugs of cat litter out for everyone to see, so I went to IKEA looking for clever ways to hide it. I didn’t measure the pillows; luckily they fit perfectly and it’s easy as heck! 1 ÄPPLARÖ bench 2 HÅLLÖ seat cushions.


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7 Responses to Applaro window bench

  1. Matt says:

    Here they are: 40×40 (cm), or around 15 inches.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Do you know the dimensions of the cushions? I can’t find the Hallo cushions on the Ikea website.

  3. Karim says:

    oh i see, so it has no base. im going to build a kids toy chest that doubles up as a bench. i am guessing the edge of te walls that rise up proably dig into your hammys if you sit for too long, also it probably wont hold much weight as the bench sits on the brackets rather than on the walls as intended.

    i will use the bench as intended and attach velcro pieces to the bench and underside of the cushion to keep it in place/

  4. Saskia says:

    I like it too, but do you have any instructions on how you assembled the Applaro?

    • Colin Burleson says:

      It looks like they took this build. (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/70204923/) And then did the following:
      1) Build the frame of the bench without installing the bottom.
      2) Install bottom bracket at the base of the top board (see picture on the hack) look for the metal rail
      3) Take apart the cross bars of the base plate/board (This may not be needed idk if they are separate or not)
      4) lay into bracket spacing evenly, with the side you want on the bottom facing up
      5) Take two strips of durable cloth lay across the length of the boards and use a staple gun to attach
      6) flip over add pillows and done

      You will notice it appears that the lid is not used

      • Matt says:

        Colin is right. Sorry I did not include instructions. As for your suggested step #3, the slats did not require modification. They are simply installed at the top board rather than the bottom board. Correct that the lid was not used. I’m hoping to use that in a future hack :)

  5. alterego2 says:

    I like it

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