Hacks ribbaLight05 - front  view

Published on October 1st, 2013 | by henk


RIBBA light

ribbaLight05 - front  view

Materials: RIBBA Picture frame, LED stripe (100cm)

Open the frame and take out the glass.
ribbaLight01 - frame

Put the motif on the glass and reassemble the frame.
ribbaLight02 - glas motive

Glue the led-stripe on the inside of the frame
ribbaLight03 LED stripe

ribbaLight07 ribbaLight06 - double
ribbaLight04 - side view

Ikea Standing Desk from LACK TV unit
A standing desk with space for book reader holder and printer

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8 Responses to RIBBA light

  1. Wow ! Great !

    P.S :

    - do you bought the Led stripe at ikea ?
    - where can we buy the “wood motif” ? Online ?


    • henk henk says:


      I bought the stripe at ebay for 10€/m.
      The wallpaper can e.g. be bought by amazon (Model: Key to Fairyland Producer: A.S. Création)

  2. Ruth Abbott says:

    @Judy – I don’t think that there is actually a crib in these pictures.The slatted thing resting against the wall just looks like a single part of something (it’s not tall enough to be a crib if you compair it to stuff like the size of the CD player) and I’m pretty sure that’s just a pic to show the progression of the set up before the coards are boxed in which you can see in the other photo.

    Very cute idea and I’m sure it gives a lovely low level light for those late night check ins. x

  3. Céline says:

    Really really wonderful idea ! Well done!
    I also like the woodsy wallpaper behind! Can you tell me where it comes from ?

  4. Judy says:

    Those cords are to close to the crib and could be hazardous in one picture. I like how the cords are hidden in another picture. Really great idea. Super cute.

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