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Published on October 21st, 2013 | by Eugenia


BILLY+IRJA=BILLIRJA spacesaving baby wardrobe


It’s a simple and cheap hack.

All you need is:
saw (to saw the metal IRYA rod)

We needed a wardrobe for the babygirl, but no place except behind the door. So, that’s our decision.

1) First assemble BILLY (or not, if you want your clothes to hang from the middle shelf – than first apply step 2,3 to the middle shelf).

2) Then cut two pieces of IRJA to fit the inner space under the shelf.

3) Screw 2 x IRJA under 2 x shelves of your choice using the fittings included.

4) Install shelves anywhere you like.

5) Put your little girl’s dresses.


Ikea furniture assembly making a secret play room
From RIBBA to pinboard

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3 Responses to BILLY+IRJA=BILLIRJA spacesaving baby wardrobe

  1. Nicky says:

    LOVE this! I’ve been wanting to do similar with an old Bonde unit that sits behind the door in our girl’s room. I’d bought a curtain rod set that supposed to go in one of the other wardrobes but that will require screwing into the sides of the case and therefore is not adjustable. This is so much better. Thanks!

  2. Jo Jo says:

    Great idea and so simple. For those who do not want to saw a metal tube, there is an alternate way. You can use a pipe-cutting tool. They are found in the plumbing department of any hardware store. For the size of the mentioned tube, the small cutter is perfect.

  3. Isabella says:

    A good idea!! i think i’ll do the same.. :D

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