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Published on September 4th, 2013 | by Jules Yap


No sawing cat litter box


Materials: Lillangen Sink base cabinet with 2 door

This is simple, I bought the Lillangen sink cabinet and put it down on the floor. That’s it. Cat litter box.

litter2 litter3 litter4

~ Sheenapunk, Sweden

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7 Responses to No sawing cat litter box

  1. Mireia Mireia says:


  2. Laura Laura says:

    So I just bought this cabinet yesterday with hopes to turn it into a litter cabinet. I’m going to remove the top, use the archway in the sideboard and replace the top with the removable shelf. My litter box is higher than yours, or I’d just use your idea. I love the idea of adding drawer tracks too to make the bottom shelf slide out… We’ll see how it turns out!

    Ps: I hope this site can remain up-and-running! I love it and would miss it dearly!

  3. Lori Jacobs says:

    Brilliant was also my first thought! And I own top-entry cat litter boxes (designed to keep my small dogs out of them). So I can just stand it against the wall!

  4. Cherrie says:

    Just a little warning – the height of the litterbox you have created might not be big enough for your cat to take care of his business comfortably. Something taller would definietly be better.
    All in all, neat hack but really depends on the size of your cat. If litterbox is not comfortable enough, you might be risking your pet finding alternate place, probably not one you’ll apreciate.

  5. Essie says:

    Perfect! I was looking for a way to hide the cat’s food from the dog, yet still have them all in the kitchen for my own convenience.

  6. Lilly says:

    Hey :)
    Nice Idea, I was looking for ways to make my home more cozy for cats.
    I think this idea is perfect, as you don’t neet to saw and repaint and sand etc.
    We would have to borrow the tools somewhere otherwise.
    Perfect idea for a newcomer in the “DIY”-area like me.

    Please excuse my terrible english, as It’s not my mother-tongue;
    Have a nice day ^^ Lilly

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