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Published on September 26th, 2013 | by Azian


Hackers help: Summera Pull-Out Ironing board?


Photo: IKEA.com


Materials: SUMMERA pull out keyboard

Question: This is not an actual hack but an idea that I have of converting the Summera pull out keyboard to a pull out ironing board by covering the board with batting and linen. This will be drilled under the Linnmon desk because this is what I was planning to use as a sewing table. I would be grateful if anyone can give their input or ideas on this. Thanks!

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BILLY BJÄSTA supersized

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4 Responses to Hackers help: Summera Pull-Out Ironing board?

  1. Megan says:

    I got a tabletop from ‘As Is’ the same size as my fabric cutting table, attached Capita legs to each corner and placed it on my cutting table as the new surface. I keep a mini ironing board under there as well as long rulers etc that don’t fit anywhere else. When I need to iron something it takes seconds to whip out the ironing board and get on with my project.

  2. David says:

    I’d think the keyboard tray may be too flimsy. I think about using top mount drawer slides, a JÄLL, and some wood for mounting and maybe reinforcement. Install perpendicular to the desk, modify the JÄLL to fit the depth of the desk.

  3. dmfarley says:

    You may also want to add some structural stability to where the tray is attached to the desk. You’re going to be pushing down a lot more when ironing than when using a keyboard, and you create a moment arm around that joint which is going to want to pull the bracket right off the desk. Could be OK for a while but probably won’t be too durable (depending on how intensely you iron). :)

  4. riz says:

    I did exactly that to a desk that I picked up off a curb. I just folded thick upholstery fabric over batting along the sides and just stapled the front and back to the underside of the keyboard tray. Perfect for ironing seams! I use a smaller iron made for sewing projects so I haven’t had trouble with overheating, etc.

  5. Trena says:

    I would suggest also getting some of the ironing board material which prevents heat/steam transfer. Other than that…pretty cool idea!

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