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Published on September 6th, 2013 | by Jules Yap


Hacker help: “Little” loft bed – does it work?


Materials: 1x Sniglar junior bed, 2x Laiva desk

Description: We have a Sniglar junior bed. Now I’m searching for a way to make it higher. My daughter is 2 years old, so I guess a solution with a “little” cave is enough.

Laiva desk and Sniglar Bed are both 70cm wide. Is it possible to use 2 desks as high legs? How to fix them? Shall I cut of the legs of Sniglar or is there another solution? As possible I wanna use the desks and the bed later again separate…

~ Miriam G., Germany

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8 Responses to Hacker help: “Little” loft bed – does it work?

  1. imajoebob says:

    I suggest buiding a very simple box (with crossmembers) from standard 2x4s and top them with a sheet of particle board and finish the exposed sides any way you like (paint, fabric, etc). Then find your favourite legs (cabinet, table, counter…) from IKEA and use those to raise it off the floor. As your child gets older you can replace the legs with longer ones. When you reach a certain height you can replace legs with a 1×5 Expedit bookcase on it’s side for additional storage.

  2. Cy Yusten says:

    Solution!! Decide how high you want the bottom of the bed’s leg from the floor (X inches). Buy 4 2x6s for each leg at least 18 inches longer than X inches. Use deck screws to build a new leg post. Offset the 4x6s and screw them together, one side to another (so you are making what could be considered a very long box with two open ends) and there will be a natural opening in your new post that the bed leg will fit into. Do this 4 times (once for each leg). When the leg extenders are built, run two long deck screws through the 2×6 and well into the bed leg for a secure and stable mount. viola! a high bed that will be rock solid.

  3. Tig3rch3n says:

    I use the good old Ivar system with a Duken as a Loftbed XD
    And if the Ivar has enough support to hold a adults metalframed bed…
    The Table should be even … but i will recommend to screw the Bed and the Table to a nearby wall.

  4. Anonymous says:

    as everyone said already — no way.
    buy a 4×4 or 6×6 solid pine, cut lenght as you require and fix it to the bed. cheap and removable at need. you will buy the desks when required.

    reg. the bed, in case you have it already, please note is under RECALL now, check your batch number and cross check on ikea website, might have to be replaced.

    fab – IT

  5. Anonymous says:

    I do agree with Tina. I own a few pieces from the Laiva series and they are still good looking (which I wouldn’t have trusted them to be after a couple of years and a few alterations), but they do wobble under the weight of the cat. They would probably carry a perfectly calm and still 2 year kid, but I don’t think they could manage a moving, playing and jumping child.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why make it higher for a two jear old ?
    The changes off falling and hurting themself is big.

  7. tina_6500 / TheFeldhamster says:

    The Laiva series ist not the most sturdy ones – actually, it’s one of the most flimsy ones. Which is why I would not trust those things to support a bed. Go to a Baumarkt (hardware store) and get some wooden slats etc and build your own legs. Should be cheaper than buying 2 of those desks anyway even if those are probably one of the cheapest desks IKEA offers.

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