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Published on September 30th, 2013 | by nano3o5




Materials: Expedit

Description: This hack was made out of a 5×5 Expedit unit. We are using 2 of them in a corner as bar shelves to hold the bottles. We found ourselves always looking for a spot to dump the finished drinks and decided that we needed a bar sink so we ended up hacking one of the 5×5 shelves. Using a low profile saw, I was able to cut very close to the edge of 2 of the middle shelves. Then I made some measurements and got some 3/4 inch wood, a bar sink and faucet and a little paint and built a custom piece that also includes a drawer (taken from a Expedit double drawer insert).





We luckily have a bathroom on the other side of the wall directly behind the shelf, so we were able to tap in to the water and drain to make this work. I covered the drain pipe by using a modified Expedit door insert with no rear sides. Other modifications include a clear plexiglass back to cover the sink area to protect the wall from splashes. Dioder multicolored LEDs on a modified bracket to have them wash down from the top, giving the bottles a silhouette look and six swivel casters for easy moving and aligning.

EXPEDIT drop leaf table: Texas style
Lock LED hack

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6 Responses to EXPEDIT Bar Sink

  1. Bethany says:

    Was there any problem with the height of the sink area?

  2. espieler says:

    Brilliant idea! Angling the bar is a real space saver. I also like how everything nestles in its own cubbyhole. Looks great and I’ll bet it makes restocking easy.

  3. umibozi says:

    where i find the sink?

  4. nano3o5 says:

    Everything around the sink area was covered with a polyurethane clear coat. The piece of wood I used to house the sink is not pressboard it is birch which was stained and poly sealed. This isn’t a kitchen sink, we basically rinse a few cups or dump out left over drinks.

  5. ctp says:

    mmmm, water + pressboard… a recipe for… porridge?

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