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Published on September 23rd, 2013 | by Adline writes


Covering Pax wardrobe with Eivor curtains


Materials: Pax, Eivor curtains, Deka

Description: When we bought our Pax wardrobe, we were on a very tight budget. Since Pax doors are pricey, we decided to do without them. Still, I didn’t want to look at the mess in my wardrobe, so I used an Eivor curtain to hide my clothes instead. I used Sy tape to shorten the curtain and Deka wire to hang it up. Hope you like this hack :)

The materials
Deka wire

Learning Tower with BEKVÄM Stool
Ikea Lasse Desk with Bookcase to Standing & Sitting Desk for ~$100

The Author


2 Responses to Covering Pax wardrobe with Eivor curtains

  1. lilydawn says:

    I think I would apply the curtain for the whole wall,not just the wardrobe.maybe neater: )

  2. Julie Lundquist says:

    Looks great & fun, however it’s really not a hack. People have been using curtains as closet doors for probably centuries. Ah but it does look lovely!

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