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Published on September 11th, 2013 | by Jules Yap


A rack on a Laiva desk


Materials: Laiva desk, Sultan Lade slatted bed-base, saw, nail and hammer

Description: My daughter has a Laiva desk but she doesn’t need the cable organizer and very often her pen rolls into it …

So I decided to build a rack for her.

It was easy because the Sultan Lade slats were as large as the desk.

First of all, I separated the slats, pulling off the ribbon.

I cut two slats into 13,5 centimeter pieces.

I nailed two times two slats together with those little pieces, so the rack is deep enough.

I nailed two times two slats (28cm).

Then I fixed together the frame of the rack, nailing all together.

I cut 4cm from two new slats, I fixed them together with a 13.5 cm piece. I fixed this “set” to the rack and added a little 13,8cm piece to create a little case.

I painted the finished rack in pink, because my daughter loves this color…

I cut 2 10cm pieces and I painted them to.

I fixed this piece at the edge of the cable organizer and then fixed the rack in the middle, nailing it.

With the same idea, I did a rack for another daughter with 4 slats of 1m long and 10cm large (It’s the purple one).


With the same idea, I did a rack for my sewing machine, with the rest of the slatted bed-base.

See more of the Laiva hack.

~ Gwendoline, Suisse

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