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Published on September 19th, 2013 | by Olivier Georg


A library on wheels


Materials: Expedit, Linnmon

Description: I live in a duplex in which the upper floor has an inclined ceiling. In a corner I have my computer desk, and behind my back the ceiling is pretty low, and I need to make the most of it. So I thought of something like this, using three 2×2 EXPEDIT modules on wheels with a LINNMON table top on it.

So the list of purchase is:

From IKEA:
+ 3 2×2 EXPEDIT modules
+ 2 75cmx150cm LINNMON table tops

From a local DIY store:
+ 2 3cm x 3cm, 240cm long wood strip
+ 1 1cm x 3cm, 240cm long wood strip
+ 6 side casters (to be placed on top of the modules)
+ 6 small plastic caster (which will touch the sides of the top of the modules)
+ 12 medium rubber caster (under the modules, they’re a bit more expensive, but I do not want to leave marks on the wooden floor)

First I assembled the EXPEDIT modules, and placed them in place, and put the LINNMON table top above. As the wall behind my desk has a radiator, it restricts the length I have, so I had to cut the table top. Moreover, the corner is not 90 degrees, so I had to cut it accordingly. I used a circular saw for that purpose.

I also estimated the height I would need, and cut the other table top to use it as a side. Now LINNMON table tops have wood strips on four sides, but the middle is made of cardboard honeycomb, and I had to reinforce the side I had cut. For this purpose I had to reduce a strip of 3×3 to 3×2,8, and cast it inside the side. I then assembled the two table tops with three dowels.

Now to guide the modules smoothly, I used 3×3 wood strip, glued and screwed below the top, to which I screwed the small plastic custers, and on which roll the side custers. To place correctly the strips, I worked upside down. The spacing was like this:

+ Side table top
+ 1cm wide wood strip
+ 1cm empty space
+ EXPEDIT module
+ 1cm empty space
+ 3cm wide wood strip
+ 1cm empty space
+ EXPEDIT module
+ 1cm empty space
+ 3cm wide wood strip
+ 1cm empty space
+ EXPEDIT module
+ 1cm empty space
+ 3cm wide wood strip

I used bits of 1×3 wood strips to obtain the correct spacing. Making the guides themselves was a bit more complicated, as I had to use a router to make holes for the small plastic casters.

Finally to fix the table top to the wall, I used pieces of angle frames I had, screwing them to the wall and below the table top.

The corner before the hack

3 EXPEDIT 2×2, 2 LINNMON 150×75, 1 LINNMON 120×60 (for a future use)

The inside of the LINNMON is honeycomb

Adding and gluing a strip inside the LINNOM table top

Adjusting the hole in the table top

Thanks to the above the holes are well centered

The covering structure upside down

With the EXPEDIT module, upside down, to check the dimensions

Fixing the upper casters, with a 1cm spacing

Placing the guides, also with a 1cm spacing. Note the head of the guide, with the holes for the side casters

Gluing the guides

The upper structure is now fixed to the wall

Detail of the side casters: the white top caster, rolling on the guide, and a grey one in the hole of the guide, rolling on the EXPEDIT.

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Jules Yap

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18 Responses to A library on wheels

  1. James Pyle says:

    This is really awesome! I really want to get the same table top and split it in half to add little end tables to my desk – but I don’t know how you added in that filler board – the pictures don’t give me enough info and I am scared I will ruin the table if I attempt it.

  2. Tamara says:

    The expedit has been renamed to KALLAX. The LINNMON is the same.

  3. Fleder says:

    Hello and thanks for this great hack.

    May i ask you, if you know if this Linnmon has real wood all around on the sides or only on 2 sides?
    I ask, because i want to screw Linnmons onto other things and need to know where i may screw them in and where i will only find this honeycomb stuff.

    Thanks and regards!

  4. Brenda says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. I bought a 200 cm Linmon table top with the intension of cutting it down to fit the space I have. Then I saw the cardboard honeycomb inside a damaged Linmon, sitting outside the Ikea store on a recent visit, and I began to worry about how I was going to supporting the cut edge. Your solution is genius. Thanks again.

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  6. Rickson says:

    Great idea! Why not add some handles to the Expedits to make it easier to pull them out?

  7. jessica says:

    So glad I found your site! Great ideas and inspiration =)

  8. Vikky says:

    Great idea. Could you share the total time and the total hardware cost. Thanks.

  9. Molly says:


  10. darlingdoll says:

    Love this idea. Thank you.

  11. Elizaa says:

    In my last flat I did something similar. I raised the double bed & had the expedits (4x 2) underneath on casters. It gave huge extra storage in a small space. I’m a huge fan of the expedit range & have been able to reuse them to great effect in my new place.

  12. Timbooo says:

    Very nice. There was another similar hack some time ago but this puts the nice surround over it.

  13. jo kuhl says:

    Love this idea. FYI, the RSS feed for this post has very huge pictures.

  14. Zhexter says:

    Awesome! Great idea, great foto :)

  15. Stefano says:

    Hey this is an amazing realisation! I had a similar idea for an elevated bed on top of such a system, with the closet below it.
    I’m curious, how easily accessible is it?

    Congrats for the awesome hack!

    • oliviergeorg says:

      Hi Stefano,
      Actually rather well for the side ones. With a swivel chair I turn left or right to access them. As I have put book there, I like to have them easily at hand. As for the central module, which I use less often, or for the sewing material, I have to access from outside.

  16. jan from germany says:

    you sir are a genius!

  17. Barbara says:

    What a great idea!
    Thanks for the description and the inspiration!

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