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Wheeling Gorm planter

Materials: Gorm, Rill, Frakta

Description: This is a flower box (planter) made from Gorm shelves. It has Rill wheels underneath for easy moving. The plants sit in blue Frakta shopping bags. I got my inspiration from this hack and took it a bit further.

Materials (2 flower boxes):
- 8 Gorm shelves size 77 x 31 cm
- 2 bags of Rill wheels (4 wheels per bag)
- 2 large Frakta bags 71 l
- 2 medium Frakta bags 36 l
- Nails

1. Stain or paint the shelves to protect the wood against rain. I found it easier to stain the shelves before construction.

2. Use one shelf for the bottom of the box and two for the sides. Use the beefy black screws that ship with the shelves. Drill a pilot hole. Otherwise the screw will split the wood.

3. Tear the fourth shelf apart. Don’t lose the nails, they can be reused. Saw the planks of the fourth shelf in half. Nail the halved planks to the end of the box. Use the existing nails if you can.

4. Screw the Rill wheels on the bottom.

5. Paint or stain the cut surfaces.

6. Cut about 2/3 off the height of the Frakta shopping bags. One big and one medium bag fill one box. Cut drainage holes on the bottom of the bags. Staple the bags on the inside of the box.

7. Fill with soil and plants.

~ Antti Hietala, Switzerland

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