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Seussing a bar stool into a baby high chair


Materials: Ikea’s Franklin bar stool, oleo paints, color prints of Ms Seuss books, mod podge

Description: 1. I cut with a sew the four legs of the chair to make it the perfect height to allow my son to eat at our table.
2. I took it all apart and painted the legs in white, then mask with masking tape simulating stripes, after which, I painted them all with red. Once dry, I took up the masking tape.
3. For the seat and back of the chair, I mod podged every side with a paper and then added (always with mod podge) pieces of Mr Seuss prints.
4. I painted with the edges in blue and once dry, I put a final coat of protection paint.
5. Ensemble the chair together again and voila: a happy kid dining effortlessly with the older ones!.

~ Lourdes, Rome, Italy

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