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Published on July 18th, 2013 | by IH guest


NYTTJA Elastic whiteboard

Nyttja frame
White A2 size paperboard/paper
Normal stapler
Elastic band (6 meters)

Description: I had a spare Nyttja frame and was missing a pinboard/whiteboard for keeping notes, pictures, letters etc.


1) Take the ‘glass’ from the frame and measure how much elastic band is needed from one side to the other and from top to bottom. Make sure that there is 1-2 centimeters extra in each end. The elastic band should be stretched quite a lot while measuring.

2) Cut 6 pieces of band in one length (from side to side) and 6 pieces in the second length (from to top to bottom)

3) Start stapling each piece of elastic band to one edge of the paper that was included in the frame (the one that says NYTTJA on one side). See picture.

4) Turn the paper and lay down the elastic bands to cross each other and start merge/braid them

5) Staple the end of the bands going from side to side to the opposite edge of the paper.

6) Push the glass and the white paperboard under the band that has been stapled on both sides.

7) Staple the last 6 bands to the top of the NYTTJA paper

8) Put frame, glass and paper together

9) The white part can be used with whiteboard markers and the elastic band can be used to hold pictures, letters, notes etc.

~ Dorthe, Denmark

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