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Materials: BESTA

Description: Bought the BESTA shelf, and drilled holes through so my hamster could walk from shelf to shelf.

The windows are plexiglass with magnets so they are easily detachable.

~ Thor, Denmark

Rustic industrial Bekvam night stand
Hey, PRANTO! It’s showcase cabinet

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4 Responses to IKEAhamster

  1. Jordan says:

    Looks great! One thing though – where’s the ventilation? Small animals need a lot of ventilation, especially if their enclosures are against the wall.

  2. Unkown says:

    This is amazing! I love it! One question though how is the plexiglass attached by magnets? I can’t quite see how it works/how you would remove the front xx

  3. Rosa says:

    Why would you set a hamster cage beside a FRIDGE???!!!!

    • Rumorosa says:

      Rosa, if you need to worry about noise from the fridge, then you should worry about your boiler, you tv, your stereo, your hair dryer, your microwave, your pc and laptops, etc… Pretty much everything at home makes noise (just because some sound louder to you, please remember there are a lot of noises we can’t hear due to frequency). So unless you have your hamster out in a shed all by itself (no heater, as it also makes low frequency noises), then stop annoying others with silly “I know best” question.

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