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Galant DJ workstation

Materials: Galant drawers, desktop, legs, keyboard drawer, Lack shelves and Dioder light kits

Description: Build 2 x Galant drawers and mount them onto straight Capita legs instead of castors. I have also added blocks of wood under my legs to achieve the desired height as I’m 6ft tall. Mount 4 x Capita angled legs onto the top of each drawer chest and fix into place using the large pin end.

Place a Galant desktop on top of the eight capita legs and mark out the 4 screw fixing points for each leg using a pencil. Remove the top and drill small holes onto the pencil markings, to fix the screws in place is difficult due to the lack of space, I used an angled ratchet driver.

Fix desktop into place. Once the desktop is in place repeat the process to add a large Lack shelf to the rear and 2 small lack shelves into the rear corners which will as act speaker stands. Add a keyboard drawer to the front of the desk and 2 Dioder light kits into the lack shelves, I intend to add another Dioder kit to mount on the bases of the Galant drawers.

~ Anthony, Manchester

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