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Expedit-Lack Sideboard

Materials: LACK side table & EXPEDIT shelving unit

Description: Items used:
- LACK side table
- EXPEDIT shelving unit
- Drill with wood bit
- Glue (optional)
- EXPEDIT insert with door (optional)

1) Build EXPEDIT shelving unit per instructions
2) Use leg from LACK side table to measure where to drill/inset holes
3) Drill holes to accommodate double-end screws included with the LACK side table
4) Place small amount of glue in and around drill hole (optional)
5) Screw in LACK side table legs
6) Bask in the glory of your creation!
7) Add EXPEDIT insert with door (optional)

~ WK, Canada

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3 Responses to Expedit-Lack Sideboard

  1. Heather says:

    Did you use anything to support the middle of the shelf? have you noticed any dipping in the shelf because of weight on it?
    I am pumped to do this. I love the Expedit shelf system! Great Idea!

  2. maysah says:

    its just amazing – i will do that now – i have a bookshelf expedit n a lck table too :D

  3. maysah says:

    amazing i will do that now….

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