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Billy bookcase Room Divider

Materials: Billy Bookshelves, Moreno glass Doors, Benno DVD Shelves

Description: I built a 3 meter wide by 2.30 tall entry way and living room divider.

Entry way has a 2 Billy bookcase built with one unit with no back attached to the other. Inside the top part has a rod for coats and the bottom has a sliding part that holds 3 beer cases.

The middle is 10 Benno DVD shelves built 5 back to back.

The Moreno glass doors needed new mounting points drilled as they are not made for the DVD shelves. Center two are covered in fabric, rest with the white side out.

Top are custom boxes to fill out the space to the ceiling. All lights are by remote control.

Living room side:

Sub flooring cut free by the hardware store to provide the backing to the Billy units and provide wall for art work.

Top boxes custom cut for old speakers

Lack shelf unit mounted in a vertical position with another lack shelf attached with 2 legs to define living room from kitchen area.

~ Barry, Germany

Low TV bank – Lack’n’Rolls

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2 Responses to Billy bookcase Room Divider

  1. Barry says:

    I did it myself, slowly.

  2. Bruce weiner says:

    Is it easy to have one person put it up but my self

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