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A closet on a bookcase?

Materials: Expedit bookcase, Expedit insert with two drawers, Expedit insert with door, Branäs basket, Lekman box

Description: I’ve hacked an Expedit bookcase in a closet for our daughter.

First of all, we had to turn the bookcase, because Expedit horizontal boards are as long as the bookcase itself, while the verticals are the short ones, and to make the space for the two closets, we needed to remove two small horizontal boards. So, as the bedroom is not big enough for turning Expedit, we had to disassemble and assemble it again.

The rest was pretty simple. We bought five wooden slats – as tall as the bookcase and as wide as one of the spaces – for the back of the bookcase, and two thick boards to do the closets’ doors. We covered all of them with a beautiful adhesive paper.

We placed the back slats nailing and put the doors with hinges. We also added new pink knobs to all the elements, and two wooden bars in the closets for hanging clothes.

We completed this storage device with three Expedit insert with two drawers, two Expedit insert with door – also covered with adhesive paper – five Branäs baskets and five Lekman boxes.

Now we are delighted with our hacked closet, super-practical and very nice.

~ Laura Ruiz, Bilbao, Spain

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