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Published on June 27th, 2013 | by IH guest


Suspended wall cabinet – IVAR

Materials: IVAR – Bamboo massive parquet

Description: I wanted a suspended wall cabinet in massive wood for our living room, about 300cm long. The nice furniture I came across were far too expensive, about 2000€. So I thought, let’s try s-th else.

I bought four IVAR cabinets 80cm wide * 50cm deep. I sawed one of them in half in order to have 280cm wide. In order to tight it to the wall, I drilled and screwed a wood support underneath the cabinets (will not be visible, and is also useful in order to have the four of them adjusted at the same level). I assembled the cabinets, laid them one by one on the wooden support and screwed them to a second wooden support (this time drilled and screwed inside each cabinet).

I still had to paint the cabinet and, more important, to wrap it with the bamboo.

I wanted to give it a special touch by cutting the edges of the bamboo 45°. It was easy to do with a good plunge saw (although I had to carefully measure each cut).

I then assembled the parquet the same way as for a floor, but screwed it to the Ivar cabinets instead of gluing it (first drill small holes in order to avoid splitting wood – bamboo is also really hard wood).

I then painted the doors with 4 layers of resistant ‘satin’ paint (my wife’s colour choice). Don’t forget to sand them each time with p160 and p240 sandpaper.

We are really happy with the result (doors still have to be adjusted, and corners softened because they are far too sharp for the kids).

~ Thierry, Belgium

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