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Seeing Double: Rast Hack

Materials: Two Rast 3-Drawer Dressers, Capita 6″ Legs, Blankett 15″ Handles, Two 1″x12″x6′ Pine Boards

Description: Cut two 1″x12″ Pine boards down to size; one 51″ long, one 49″ long.

Using wood filler, fill all the pre-drilled knob holes and screw holes in the dressers. Sand down any rough edges on all of the wood surfaces.

The 51″ board will become the top, this can be stained any color you choose. I used Minwax “Early American”.

Prime and Paint Two Rast 3-Drawer Dressers and 49″ board any color you choose. I used Valspar “Vintage Teal” in high gloss.

After everything has completely dried, attach 6″ capita legs 1″ from the edges on all four corners on the bottom of the 49″ painted board.

Attach the Blankett 15″ handles in the center of each drawer.

On a level surface, screw the two Rast dressers together from the inside to secure them into one piece.

Place the now one big dresser on top of the base, insert the drawers and put the stained board on top.

Voila! Enjoy your new big, beautiful Rast hack!

~ Amie Lawler, Philadelphia, PA

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  1. Beckie says:

    How much was your final cost?

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