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My TROFAST studio

Materials: Trofast boxes, jig saw, sand paper, screws

Description: Ikea’s toys storage boxes were used both to cover the ceiling, and to create the libraries. With a jig saw I cut the bottom of the boxes which were then fixed to the wall, alternating with closed boxes with LEDs inside. I fixed to the ceiling the smaller boxes over adhesive strips of LEDs for a very effective ceiling light!

The desk is obtained from two old Ikea tables. On the wood I fixed the boxes, while the legs become a shelf for the glass top beneath which are placed TROFAST boxes used as drawers.

See more of the Trofast studio.

~ Rosandra, Italy

Stolmen for shoes and coats
Vestby Server Cabinet

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9 Responses to My TROFAST studio

  1. GuinR says:

    Your setup is just so, so COOL!

  2. Laura says:

    Cool. But not when you have to dust it!

  3. ratio says:

    Awesome! I absolutely love the idea. Especially the ceiling. What a cool look.

  4. doubtboy says:

    … not sure, 4 screws a box will keep these stuffed containers in place. how did you do this? low gravity?

  5. ben says:

    such a cool idea, how do you the boxes do with retaining their shape after having those heavy books inside them?

  6. Avery Gordon says:

    WOW! Gotta try this especially that lighting!

  7. Telda says:

    Geez, this is amazing! Futuristically awesome! Kudos!

  8. Lito says:

    Looks fab!! But I’ve got the same question as these people above me: how on earth can these boxes hold so much weight just by fixing them to the wall with screws? please share your secret.

  9. Icerke says:

    Actually with 4 screws it can be done!
    While cutting out the bottom, you just leave enough material (just saw out the inner flat piece).
    => It’ll hold :)

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