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IKEA Cupboard Turned Children Play Kitchen

Materials: Old wooden IKEA cabinet

Description: I’ve been wanting a children play kitchen for a very long time. I think I wanted one even before I had kids. But not a lame, plastic one, but a nice wooden one. One that looks almost like the real thing.
When my mother in law says she dismantles the top part of her old wooden cupboard (that was bought, mind you, some 40 years ago, in a store you might have heard its name before – IKEA – when it was still something only known in Scandinavia), I knew I’m going to use it to finally build my kitchen.

I thought A LOT about how exactly to do it, drew a few sketches and even made a small ceramic model for inspiration.

And after I had the sketches and the model, and I knew what I wanted more or less, and decided on the colors (suitable for him and for her), it was time to start building it.

I found a piece of plywood on the street and used it for the back of the kitchen. I sawed the the original shelves and sides, to make the shape more convenient for play, I dismantled one door and sawed a window for the oven on the other and my husband helped saw a round hole for the sink, that is actually a metal bowl.

Then I sanded and painted.

The stove is made of old CDs covered with black tape.

To hide the mess, that I knew we’re going to have, I sewed a cute little curtain for the lower shelves.
On the side I screwed together a cute knob, on which we hang the kids’ aprons.

See more of the playkitchen.

~ Tal

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