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Faktum Storage Bed

Materials: Faktum (or equivalent) cabinets, Box Spring Bed (mine is Sultan Salhus), plywood, lumber for footing and inner structure, assorted tools, screws and various bits

Description: – Measure the space you have and figure out what size of cabinets to use and how to lay them out.

I used 9 Faktum cabinets in total: 4 x 80 cm wide, 1 x 60 cm wide (total width of the space was only 230 cm) and 4 x 40 cm wide, layed out as in the picture.

- Assemble all the full height cabinets. Leave the backing off one of the big ones – this will be the doorway to the storage space.

- Shorten the cabinets as needed prior to assembly. This is pretty easy to figure out when you look at the pieces, if you have prior DIY experience with tools. I’m looking into creating a tutorial for this, when I have the time…

- Lay out the cabinets. Optionally lay cabinets on a lumber footing, so they’re easier to open. This also helps to attach the cabinets: you can screw them on the footing.

- Attach cabinets to each other and build an inner structure to reinforce them and to take the most of the weight of the bed and anyone laying on it.

- Optionally cover the tops of cabinets with plywood (or other material) for a sleeker look. Treat your chosen material (I waxed the plywood after sanding it fine) so it’s easier to clean and will keep looking nice.

- Attach the bed on top of the structure. I used steel brackets (used them on a lot of places in the construction as well).

- Attach doors and handles. Line up the doors.

- Step back and enjoy! And then fill it up. There’s more photos in my blog.

~ Nora, Espoo, Finland


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4 Responses to Faktum Storage Bed

  1. Barb says:

    This is great! I so often see photos of 1-room apartments where the bed is a prominent feature and think “I would definitely have used a murphy bed or sleep sofa”. But this is a great way to have the bed accessible yet separate, and add storage, too. If I were building this, I would probably use a Malm storage bed mechanism so I could lift the mattress up and drop down inside the storage space, rather than crawl in.

  2. Katie says:

    I LOVE this bed. I have a fairly small room and I’m wondering what the dimensions of this bed are. I would also like to know a brand name of cabinets like the ones that were posted because Ikea no longer sells them.

  3. Summer says:

    I had no idea that I can make such a bed by myself! It looks so nice and tidy because there is a place where I can put the sheets for example. Thanks a lot for sharing! Regards!

  4. Scott says:

    Thanks for posting this, it’s exactly the kind of platform bed I was looking for.

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