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Published on June 7th, 2013 | by IH guest


Expedit kitchen and bar

Materials: Expedit, Expedit doors and drawers, Vika Amon table top, Capita, 4 baskets to use as drawers, a piece of MDF, white paint and cute doorknobs

Description: My husband and I live in a very small place, so we need all the storage space we can create. That is why we build an Expedit kitchen bar. It is perfect as a breakfast and dinner table and also creates loads of storage space in the kitchen.

Step 1. Put the Expedit together.
Step 2. Screw the Capitas on Expedit.
Step 3. Screw the Vika Amon table top on the Expedit.
Step 4. Put in all the Expedit doors and drawers.
Step 5. Make sure the MDF board is the right size, then paint it in the same color as the Expedit.
Step 6. Put the MDF board on the Expedit with a lot of small nails, using a hammer. Paint the nails when done.
Step 7. Find yourself fitting baskets to use as drawers.
Step 8. I didn’t like the Ikea doorknobs, so I replaced them with little stones.

We are thinking about replacing the Vika Amon table top with an old door or something like that, because Vika Amon damages very quickly.

~ Dieuwke, Groningen

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5 Responses to Expedit kitchen and bar

  1. Kitchen Ade says:

    In December 2016, I put this together using a Kallax shelving unit with a Linnmon table top.

    It’s possible to hide the Capita nuts with a two-drawer setup. Otherwise, this is really great. It’s an interesting piece with plenty of storage.

  2. Fleder says:

    Hello there, i wanted to know how you managed to get the capita legs into the expedit.
    Because i think they need to go through the whole thing and then get attached with a nut.

  3. Rick says:

    Hi! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Is there anyway you can discuss this design? Is it sturdy? Can we use it as extra counter space to do food prep?

  4. yensid says:

    I wanted to know how the bar’s holding up?
    i’m thinking about doing it, and was wondering if it’s sturdy

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