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Expedit Desk with Hutch

Materials: Ikea Expedit Series, L brackets,

Description: I wanted a desk that would fit all my monitors and have a hutch.
I bought a 2×4 Expedit, Expedit workstation, and the new Expedit that has different size holes.

I laid the 2×4 on its side and attached the workstation to it with a L bracket and a small metal brace in the front.

I had this for about a month and I really wanted something with a hutch for over head storage. So I found the new Expedit shelf has just enough clearance to to sit over my 3 24″ Dell U2412m monitors. The exact clearance is 19″. I just only assembled part of the unit and set it on the top and secured it to the back of the desk with a couple metal braces.

The hutch piece is about 1.5 ” short but I lined up the hutch with the edge you can see and do not worry about the other side because my monitor hides it.

I am adding a black glass shelf to the center area once it comes in. It was only 40 shipped and 1$ for the mounting hardware.

The best part I found after I actually assembled it was the small part to the right of the hutch is the perfect side to slide my laptop bag in. I have a Waterfield bag (amazing quality bag,with 13″ Macbook Air)

~ Tyler F.

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2 Responses to Expedit Desk with Hutch

  1. Amy Holt says:

    Thanks for this post, this is exactly what I need to do! I’m replacing my desk, but there’s hardly anything “reasonably priced” hutch wise that can accommodate multiple monitors. Will plan on adding a Kallax Shelving Unit (was Expedit) to a Linnmon Table Top.

  2. LBT1985 says:

    I know this post is a bit old, but hoping for some help. I have the new kallax in the 2×4 and a linnmon top. ikea sells the Linnmon brackets, however you must attach them to the thinner of the inner shelves in order to attach the top. I would love to be able to attach it flush as in this example, are there any “safe” alternatives you could recommend?

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