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Decent Standing Desk for less than $20

Materials: IKEA Lack Side Table, 2 Spruces 2×2, 1 Spruce 1×2, Acrylic Paint

Description: For standing desks lovers, this is a practical one for laptop or other uses for less than $20.

First, price breakdown (in Canadian Dollars):

IKEA Lack Side Table ($10)
2 Spruces 2×2 ($4)
1 Spruce 1×2 ($1)
Acrylic Paint ($1)

Second, steps:

1. Cut the 2×2 spruce to the desired height (1 meter for me to rest my elbow flat on the top for comfortable and healthy use)

2. Drill holes on top of the new legs to allow the original two sided screws to screw in

3. Assemble legs on table top exactly like the original legs

4. Based on the measure between two legs, cut the 2×1 spruce

5. Drill holes for the joint screws between legs.

6. Attach the supporting 1×2 spruces and screw them in

7. Paint and wait until dry


~ Ammar, Ottawa, Canada

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One Response to Decent Standing Desk for less than $20

  1. Dawn says:

    Hi Ammar, nice hack. What do you mean by “spruce”? I can’t find a product like that on the Canadian IKEA site. Do you mean pine boards that one must buy at a lumber store? Thanks.

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