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Yeah Yeah, Yet Another Rast Hack…

Materials: Ikea Rast chest of drawers (1), 4″ Eames era hairpin legs (4), 9-5/8″ Ikea Lansa Handles (3), 3″ cabinet screws (8), finishing supplies, drill and circular saw.

Description: Assembled the drawers as per the original instructions, leaving off the included wooden pulls. Spackled the existing hardware holes on the drawer face and finished with white enamel paint. Finally, I measured for new hardware holes, drilled and attached the Ikea Lansa pulls. Note, the entire process of building the drawers took a few days between multiple coats of thinned enamel paint, dry/cure time and sanding.

The cabinet was a little less straight forward, it required trimming both side panels and repositioning the two connecting braces (originally intended between the middle-back and bottom-front). To start, I took measurements to determine the drawer positioning against the side panels, taking into account the width of the brace to be repositioned.

It turned out I cut approximately 3″ off the bottom of each side panel. Attached the plastic drawer guides and top panel to the side panels as per the original instructions. Without the pre-drilled template holes, I kept the middle-back brace in the same position it was intended for, but moved it to the bottom of the cabinet. I repositioned the bottom-front brace parallel to the top panel just at the bottom front of the cabinet. Attached both braces with wood glue and cabinet screws. Attached the hairpin legs to the bottom four corners of the cabinet, drilling them directly into the repositioned braces. Finished with two coats of English oak stain and added the drawers.

~ Anthony, New York City

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2 Responses to Yeah Yeah, Yet Another Rast Hack…

  1. Hannah says:

    Where did you get the hairpin legs?

  2. Jane Jane says:

    Incredible. It looks so good: worth what must have been a lot of work. Thanks for reminding me of the old thin paint in multiple coats trick. You can see from the photos it’s a lovely smooth surface from all that sanding. And very creative use of handles and feet. Really clever hack!

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