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Published on May 22nd, 2013 | by IH guest


Stereo System with 4 Bland Matt bowls and 2 Lack Shelves

Materials: The Loudspeakers: -4 Blanda Matt 28 cm Bowls -2 full band 4″ speakers -4 binding posts -6 drawer knobs -Stuffing material ( optional ) -Electric wire. The Amp and Preamp: -2 30 cm Lack shelves -Amp board + 220Vac/12Vcc power supply -Stereo potentiometer 2 x 20 Kohm – Binding posts, RCA connectors, blue LED + R 820 ohm

Description: I’€™m talking about a pre-amplifier, a power amplifier, and 2 loudspeakers (music source: my MP3 player).

The loudspeakers were built by using 4 28 cm Blanda Matt bowls.

The power amplifier is fit inside a 30 cm emptied Lack shelf.

The passive preamplifier, a simple 2 x 20 Kohm stereo potentiometer to regulate the music volume, is fit inside another 30 cm emptied Lack shelf.

You can find step by step building instructions for loudspeakers here.

file : casse monovia semplici, economiche alto WAF.doc ( one way, simple, cheap, high Wife Acceptance Factor loudspeakers )
Sorry, it’€™s written in Italian, but is full of pictures ;-) .

Amp and preamp here. (this time in English!)

Thanks a lot to IKEAHackers site for giving me inspiration.

~ Luca, Monza, Italy

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