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Reclaimed Lerberg Etagere

Materials: 2 Lerberg Shelf Units, 4 Planks of Reclaimed Wood, 32 Screws & Washers

Description: This hack couldn’t be simpler. In fact, I’m convinced I’m not the first person to think of this.

I picked up 4 planks of wood from my local salvage goods store, 2×6, each 6′ in length. (These will replace the wire shelves that the units come with.) I also picked up 32 2″ wood screws and 32 washers. I used the washers to protect the legs from the screws drilling too far into the metal frame.


My 2 Lerberg units gave me a total of 4 upside-down ‘U’-shaped legs. You’ll turn these legs sideways for this hack. (The Lerberg legs shift and move quite a bit. Their stability is created by the shelf. For that reason, it’s best to measure and mark out your screw locations on your planks for even placement.) Screw the legs into place and voila – you have your new etagere!

See more of the Lerberg Etagere.

~ Rachel, New Haven, CT

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  1. bb says:

    Love it! Looks much better than before :)

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