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Published on May 2nd, 2013 | by Jules Yap


Non-gratuitously priced AND sturdy over-the-toilet storage

Materials: HYLLIS. Optional: bed risers/wood blocks, paint, extra fasteners/lashing materials

Description: The $15 HYLLIS shelf always looked too flimsy to be very useful, but it’s surprisingly sturdy.

1. Assemble HYLLIS using only the top 2-3 shelves, depending on the height of your toilet and whether or not you use risers to elevate the HYLLIS
2. Place HYLLIS over the toilet, securing to risers via glue or lashing materials

3. Using one of the remaining shelves, screw the shelf in to the two rear unit legs so that the shelf goes behind the toilet (this is only possible with certain plumbing configurations – our plumbing goes into the floor, so it is possible, but yours may go in to the wall behind the toilet, possibly making it impossible to add this stability bar without using tin snips to cut the shelf, which may decrease its stabilizing abilities). The shelf will be vertical, and aligned flush with the rear unit legs.
4. Optional- stabilize the shelf to the wall. Our HYLLIS was stable enough and not tippy at all, so we deemed this step unnecessary.

~ AJE, Ann Arbor, MI

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6 Responses to Non-gratuitously priced AND sturdy over-the-toilet storage

  1. P40 says:

    The first comment is so mean; THIS IS NOT HGTV!! lol, or therapy apartment; is a realistic option to save space! I like it; my boyfriend (the architect) doesn’t … so we in our luckly okay-big-ish size bathroom we compromised; I donated away my toilet space-saver; and used a antique-like looking wooden furniture next to the toilet instead (to which he didn’t like) I also display my toilet paper & some bathing items on that furniture. GOOD FOR YOU! this hack rocks.

  2. Jess says:

    Maybe I’m just tired and not seeing things right, but:
    In the first photo, the shower and sink are on the left hand side of the toilet. The toilet roll holder is on the right.
    In the second photo, the shower and sink are on the RIGHT hand side of the toilet, the toilet roll holder is on the left.
    This is driving me crazy :(

  3. I must say that this shelf is very handy for storing things in bathroom – here’s another solution:

  4. Anonymous says:

    i like that YOU like this, dont listen to anyone else. I like the toilet paper stacked like that. I think to make this designy, the way it is already re the stacking of the tp, also consider a nice white cut out tray to put your toiletries on on the second shelf, and on the top shelf, buy [at ikea] a white box [with silver label holders] that fits on the top shelf [or two or three smaller white ikea cardboard storiage boxes, side by side] without overhanging that top shelf. Then you will have this lovely industrial silver with white accessories look… all in spacial patterns that will look great.

    I have tons of storage in my bathroom, behind the door, closed shallow cabinets with doors, under the sink, over the toilet and a shelf above the bathtub as well. Do what works for you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    IMHO, this is a very functional hack! I like the idea!

    Thanks for sharing it AJE.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen…! You couldn’t store those few items in a pretty wooden cupboard over the toilet? And why would you need such a sturdy storage area in the bathroom? It is not place where you would put bricks on…And all this metal around the toilet, just hurts the eyes, it’ s like a punishment!

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